Planning to have incentive tours simply explore the plethora of options available with ‘TOUR INDIA HOSPITALITY ’Allow us to decide destinations and theme parties for you and be ready for the roller coaster ride

Let loose your imagination from scenic beauty of ‘SWITZER LAND’ to bizarre location of ‘South Africa’ to dense forest of ‘Kenya’ to snow covered mountains of KASHMIR;’ And ‘TOUR INDIA’ will provide you the wings to realize your dreams
Whether you are motivating your sales force, hosting and event or rewarding an internal team, with Tour India Hospitality, you can be sure your program is done right – an exciting, memorable experience, tightly managed to get the most out of every penny invested
Years of experience in designing and managing incentive travel programs.
Program planned around your specific business objectives.
Communications strategy designed to build excitement and inspire employees, dealers, business partners.
Worldwide contacts for the best locations and values.
Total management of itineraries, ticketing, accommodations, customs, meeting facilities, check-in, check-out, tours and theme parties.
Program tracking and status reports.
Final reports and analysis to measure program effectiveness.
Some of the incentive destinations suggested are : Thailand, Srilanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldivies, Australia, New-Zealand, Hongkong, Turkey…..